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"I am Hatake Kakashi. I have no intentions of telling you my likes and dislikes. As for my dream...I have a few hobbies. "

{In a relationship with Umino Iruka.}

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I sing the body electric, i gasp the body organic, i miss the body remembered
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Anonymous: Little reminder from a random follower: you are a gorgeous and wonderful individual who is very much loved! Have a super swell day, sunshine <3


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somniare--aeternum: [Sleeps next to, currently running a very high fever and making the place unbearably warm]

Kakashi ghosted Obito’s forehead with the unguarded palm of his hand, taking an immediate note of the near boiling heat that resonated from his slumbering frame.

"—You’re burning up," he noted more to himself than to Obito, 

"Oi," Kakashi called lowly, nudging his former comrade with the intention of waking him.

"Obito, wake up."

Anonymous: ... I know its from a completely unrelated series and its directed at a mother and daughter, but I'm listening to a song called 'Red like Roses Part 1+2' from the RWBY series. And I just can't help but think 'ZOMG! HATAKE DADDY+SON!"


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teme-kun replied to your post: anonymous said:When Sasuke was yo…

i wanna become like u sensei -pretends not to hear things and ignores my problems too-


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Anonymous: When Sasuke was your student, did you have a good relationship with him?

'It was good enough,'

Kakashi thought while idly playing the fraying edges of his worn tactical gear between his fingers. Kakashi had known from the beginning that Sasuke sought him only for control of his power, not for the opportunity to relate—perhaps put the ugly, throbbing mass of hatred he’d once held for his brother behind him.

Not that Kakashi would have done particularly well in dealing with an emotionally vulnerable (perhaps mentally unstable) child—Kakashi could hardly manage to hold himself together at the best of times.

Not that it stopped him from trying.

Anything (however utterly futile) was better than nothing at all—

Wasn’t it?

"Hm? I’m sorry, did you say something?"

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