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"I am Hatake Kakashi. I have no intentions of telling you my likes and dislikes. As for my dream...I have a few hobbies. "

{In a relationship with Umino Iruka.}

Anonymous: The child pushes his two chubby hands to each of Kakashi's cheeks, "Can I have some? Is it chocolate?" His eyes grow bright, "I hope it's chocolate! It's my favorite!" He giggles and pushes his dads cheeks together, "You look like a fish now!"

If someone had asked him a few years prior if he could visualize himself older, wiser, with a child chasing his heels, he would have laughed. What was life without the edge of usefulness? When the blade dulled, you sharpened it—and it when it broke, you threw it away.

Warriors had no time for little things, or for the wide-eyed, reaching hands of insightful children. Hatake Kakashi never believed he would live to see the twilight years of his life as his father had—-he wouldn’t allow himself the opportunity.

Or so he’d thought.

"Oh, do I now?" Kakashi broke past the child’s hands with a smile, and connected their foreheads which brought on a delighted squeal from his squirming boy.

"Maybe tomorrow. It’s a bit late for sweet things isn’t it? You have academy tomorrow."

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Kakashi's attractiveness need to be stopped 
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almost done with my exams ooooo

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The reactions upon seeing Kakashi’s face are hilarious. 

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ha ha hey there B)

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Anonymous: your thread with rin though... my heart cannot take it.

//it’s only going to get worse anon

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irukas said: Iruka smiled at this, settling on the couch; he slouched against Kakashi and sighed. “At the rate he’s going, that’s a real possibility. He’s doing well on the tests. Surprisingly enough, though, his shadow clones look like mulch. How about that.”

"He’s a smart kid," it was only after he felt the sure, billowing warmth of Iruka’s frame against his own, that Kakashi noted the faint edge of pride in his voice.

"He won’t be much longer in the academy." He was sure of it.

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I’ve been thinking a lot about Kakashi growing his hair out like his father’s in the future. And then it got out of hand.

bonus of papa!Kakashi with his son & kakashi in the early phase of hair-growing with a tiny little pony tail