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"I am Hatake Kakashi. I have no intentions of telling you my likes and dislikes. As for my dream...I have a few hobbies. "

{In a relationship with Umino Iruka.}

Size of The Moon
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one of my favorites.

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Anonymous: where are you kakashi-mun, you horrid sack of shit


I promise to be back on regularly very soon!

irukas said: "Someone dying over there?" he calls unhelpfully, laughing.

"There might be." Kakashi answered sharply, a smile laden in unspoken promises curling the edges of his veiled lips.

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Anonymous: how does it feel to win the war?

The answer leaves the jounin flatly, tasting bitter as it passes his veiled lips:

                              “There’s no real victor in war.”


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send me a drabble prompt!

Leave a “Tell Me” in my ask, and I’ll write a drabble about my character confessing something to yours

███▓▒░░ ❅ ———— 

      {There are words choking behind her lips, words coughing up
        truths buried too far, too deep, too long to be anything but rotten
        beneath her tongue, among the tombstones of her teeth. She 
        clears her throat and stares at her fingers as if they would give
        her some kind of escape route out of this conversation, the turns
        it had taken somehow leading to this——

                           ”Fσя α ωнιℓє, Hαтαкє-ѕαη
                            I hated you for saving me.” 

                  Her syllables had jagged edges, chipped in vowels and empty
                  breaths from disuse. Her sounds were not made into words but
                  broken truths that sounded like lies from the number of times 
                  she had repeated them to herself late at night. Why did you save me

                                            “I thought maybe, maybe it would
                                             all be over, but then there you were.” 

              Hound mask and all. Her savoir. Her curse-turned-blessing
              of another chance, the fork in the road she’d not had the chance
              to contemplate before he made the choice for her and gave her
              a longer life and for a while, for that, she wished him dead.}

somniare--aeternum: [heavy breathing]

"—Go to bed, Obito."


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let’s play this game called how often can kishi kill my favourite character

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Anonymous: he doesn't want a goddamned rag. he wants you to pick him up and cuddle. DAAAA-------AAAAAD! wails. wails lots. jumps and grabs your shirt

Kakashi sighed, straining to maintain his veneer of patience in the presence of his boy. How he’d managed, in the wake of his life and past experiences, to become father to a child baffled him to no end.

He’d not been made, or trained for this manner of work.

"Oi," he grunted, taking the child’s meager weight into his arms, "quiet down."

How troublesome.



Summon? Hmm.. one could say that… on some level, yes… and also no. I was born in a place called Takamagahara…otherwise known as the Higher Celestial Plain. I am my own being, and yet our kind has listened to and been with yours since time immemorial…

What was he? The white wolf wondered if this man could even see the crimson markings that blazed over his snowy form, or the weapon aflame that rested upon his back. Could this man see the gods? Or, like so many before him, did he see naught but a simple white wolf?


As the creature spoke Kakashi’s gaze wandered, suddenly (strangely) attentive to the shadows and soft, billowy tufts of white fur that was accented by the dimming sunlight. He was reminded of his father, and recalled his voice with a quiet sort of reverence;

'A shinobi never takes a man at face value, a shinobi must be able to see underneath the underneath.'

The Jounin eased back his forehead protector without thought, and outlined the lone wolf’s form with his newly revealed sharingan eye. The veil of power, which had brought the Copy-Ninja such unease, parted and revealed scarlet markings emblazoned (or so it seemed) into the strange creature’s very energy.

This was no shinobi bound creature—it was something else entirely.

"—What are you?"

It was all he could think to ask.

somniare--aeternum: [touches the booty] [sighs disappointedly]