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"I am Hatake Kakashi. I have no intentions of telling you my likes and dislikes. As for my dream...I have a few hobbies. "

{In a relationship with Umino Iruka.}


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The reactions upon seeing Kakashi’s face are hilarious. 

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so guess who’s been playing OFF?

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ha ha hey there B)

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Anonymous: your thread with rin though... my heart cannot take it.

//it’s only going to get worse anon

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irukas said: Iruka smiled at this, settling on the couch; he slouched against Kakashi and sighed. “At the rate he’s going, that’s a real possibility. He’s doing well on the tests. Surprisingly enough, though, his shadow clones look like mulch. How about that.”

"He’s a smart kid," it was only after he felt the sure, billowing warmth of Iruka’s frame against his own, that Kakashi noted the faint edge of pride in his voice.

"He won’t be much longer in the academy." He was sure of it.

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I’ve been thinking a lot about Kakashi growing his hair out like his father’s in the future. And then it got out of hand.

bonus of papa!Kakashi with his son & kakashi in the early phase of hair-growing with a tiny little pony tail

Anonymous: "But dad! I could have sworn I heard you say, 'Tastes so good'! Whatever you are eating I want some too!" The child bangs a fist on Kakashi's shoulder, "And you share with Daddy, because I can hear him too!"



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And then there were two



Kakashi had expected Obito to be there.

He always had been, anyway; bounding fast and without any real grace to meet the team on time. And he would be late—he always was late, and perhaps it was with that transient thought that Kakashi felt another roiling pang of grief settle in his gut. Obito would never run through the surrounding forests, he would never help another elderly woman cross the street—

He would never be late ever again.

They would burn what was left of him, they would scatter his remains to the four winds—

                                      Uchiha Obito was dead.

"I’m sorry." Rin’s voice broke through Kakashi’s ruddy cloud of guilt like a thin, unrelenting ray of sunshine, and brought Kakashi’s bleary gaze from the guttering wisps of incense smoke to her kind, yet weary, eyes. He drew back only a step and regarded her silently, taking care to shield the resonate ache her apology left in his chest.

"—You shouldn’t apologize, Rin," This was never your fault to begin with, "He wouldn’t want you to."

It was never your place to apologize.

Agony reached across the surface of her skin and built itself a fortress in the bed of her heart. Silently, slowly, it transformed into a brilliant array of cut-out stars, each twinkle, each shine snagging her desire to be happy, to be Rin.

Chocolate hues turned towards her friend, lips parting to voice another apology before shutting once again. A deep breath inhaled and exhaled, her fingers twisted against each other as she brought her sight back to the coffin.

          “It doesn’t even matter anymore, does it? ”  

Her sight turned back towards the boy, eyes watering but tears never trailing down her cheeks. “I could apologize all I want, but he’s gone. He doesn’t exist anymore.. he’s— he’s.. ”

But slowly they fell despite her protests, despite her desire to be strong for him. “..everywhere now. I see him everywhere, Kakashi. Everywhere.”

Rin’s agony was as palpable as the incense that permeated the funeral site; she’d taken his death to heart and buried it deep, held his broken goggles on her nightstand (perhaps in a childish hope that she would wake to find Obito whole, to find him waiting on her for a change.) And Kakashi understood her grief.

Hatake Kakashi’s nights consisted of darkness, of a broken consciousness, of a body caught in a deafening shock as he had been the day he woke to find Obito crushed in his stead. The lines of dream and reality blurred most times, and would bring the swinging weight of his failures back down anew, raw and pulsing in time with the very new, very strange sharingan eye he’d been afforded that fateful day.

He couldn’t protect Obito, he’d sought to leave Rin behind—What manner of Jounin was he?

Kakashi fought the urge to grind his teeth as the fleeting image of his father’s back rippling the colors of Uchiha Obito echoed behind his lone gaze. 

"He’s gone, Rin," A riptide of pain washed over him with the very utterance of those words, "he’s gone."

and it’s my fault.

Anonymous: ((the child nods and raises his arms for kakashi to lift him up and take him to bed)) "But whats /so good/, daddy? Are you eating snacks in your room? Can I have a snack too?"

"You’re hearing things, kid," Kakashi answered with a faux sigh before taking the child into his arms with ease.

This wasn’t happening. This couldn’t be happening.


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